Thursday, January 5, 2012

You can now find me


I hope you'll stop by for a visit. My new digs are swanky.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello, 2012

Poor Boseph has been so grumpy lately. Hopefully a trip to the doctor tomorrow will give us some idea about whether his grumpiness is treatable with antibiotics or just more wine for mama.


But back to me.


But really. Here's what I've realized in the last few weeks, as December has turned into January: I am not a December person.  I am grumpy every December. I never would have realized this except that I actually blogged about my grumpiness last December. And the December before that.

You probably realized I'm not a December person, too, if you saw me in person before December 22.  You probably backed away from me in fear of the scowl on my face. [It's ok. I won't hold it against you.]

December is just too busy for me. I could learn to say no to more events, but I want to go to the events and celebrate the holidays with people I love. I just hate the in-between time when I'm tired and have too much on my to-do list to manage with a smile on my face. And this year we had an extra little [big, really] disappointment that grinched some of my Christmas joy away as well.

And then, there was


and the best part: riding around with my three favorite people, listening to Christmas music and laughing.

And poof! All of my December worries were gone.  It works magic on my soul every year.

So now it's January, and I'm ready to start again. This year I'm going to try my best not to suck. It's a lofty goal for a person such as myself, but I'm waking up at 5:30am tomorrow to give it my best shot.

Wish me luck! I ate my black eyed peas and collard greens yesterday, but I can use all the help I can get.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping you didn't wake up with your Big Girl Panties on your head!