Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Kimmy,


I heart you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Canoe + Big Congratulations

Ashley, one of my best friends from college, got married this past weekend in Big Canoe, GA. Although logistically challenging, we [Aunt Jen, Bobo, MB and I] managed to make it there and back in one [four?] piece[s]. It was great fun with best friends in a beautiful setting, and it was awesome to see the last of The Feet officially become an old married.

There were many favorite parts of the weekend, but I'll just tell you about my least favoritest and my most favoritest, just for brevity's sake.

My least favorite part of the weekend was that Rachel wasn't there.  She's 39 some odd weeks pregnant and couldn't make the trip, which was a bummer. She can always be counted on to remember the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to any of us, and then, after drinks, retell it very loudly.

Not that I've ever done anything embarrassing. 


My favorite part of the weekend was this part-- when we decided our last six feet rehearsal dinner poem was way too tame and and actually agreed to use the term in the buff in one verse. The in the buff part was a lie but it was so funny that we didn't really care.

And then Kim made the gesture

which I could not adequately capture on film because I was simultaneously slapping the table and trying to take a breath.

It was not appropriate for all audiences.

Just perfectly appropriate for a bunch of girls for whom the last 15 years kind of disappear when they're together. Seriously, if you could picture us all with a bit more in the eyebrow department, this is pretty much how we were. 

Plus imagine Julie in her ubiquitous argyle sweater.

You people make my heart SUPER happy.

Another person who makes my heart super happy: my twin sis, who left her own baby with her husband, flew to Jacksonville, drove 8.5 hours with me and the babies, and then got pooped and peed on for two days while I reenacted my late adolescence with the girls, then drove us all home. This is the same [my only] sister who flew down to help me paint the nursery last November when I had the big freak out. I owe her some major favors now!

Now to tackle the laundry and catch up on sleep! That might take me till next weekend. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Mary Bullock was slow getting to the doll baby game. Last year, when her friends all started toting their babies everywhere, MB was satisfied stripping all her babies' clothes off and throwing them naked into the corner of her room to be forgotten.

Lately, though, she's always got a few babies in her entourage. She calls them her durls [girls]. She is a tough little Mama, too. She gives them 'pankings and puts them in time out when they get out of hand. And forget toys at the breakfast table-- that is strictly verboten. But mostly she hugs and pats them and invites them to sit with her wherever she is sitting.

Some of her durls came with names, like 'Tewa [Stella]. Others she has named herself, and those are the ones I love the most.

First there was Shewa [Sheila, after one of her playschool teachers]. Sheila has been without clothing for months and months. But she takes lots of baths, so she's not a total baby of the dust.

Then there was Woowis [Lewis, after our sweet neighbor Mrs. Lewis who gave MB a slew of dolls and accessories outgrown from her grandchildren]. This might be my favorite, just because I love that MB remembered who gave her such a sweet gift.

But today-- today I MADE THE LIST.

Meet the newly dubbed MOMMY.
Are you sure you want to call her Mommy? I asked.
It's a good name, she said.

Can't argue with that! Mommy it is.
I wonder if she does dishes.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear Bobo,

Here are a few of the many things I love about you:
1. Your cheeks are cool and squishy.

2. You laugh so easily. It makes me feel like the funniest human being alive. [I mean, next to Sissy. Because she is clearly the humor winner in this household.]

3. You sit down with a toy and play and play and play. And when you've played so hard with your toy that it rolls away from you, you wait patiently for its replacement instead of squawking as another [nameless!] child in our household would have done.

4. You let me sleep until 5 this morning. I would have loved you for 4:30, but that extra thirty minutes really sealed the deal.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tear Ducts-2, Mama-0

5 weeks ago, I stood on the side of the pool watching MB's first swim lesson and cried. I cried because she couldn't swim, but then, I hadn't really expected her to. I mostly cried because she was crying. And because that's what I do: I cry a lot.
Today, I stood on the side of the pool and cried again. This time because she can do it! She can swim. And because she didn't cry. Instead she said Fumbs up, Mama, because Miss Joy can't seem to get her to actually put up her thumbs.

So I cry if she doesn't swim. I cry if she does swim. I cry if she cries. I cry if she doesn't cry.
I just can't win.
But if we're being honest [I try to be honest], I surrendered a long long time ago.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Worth A Thousand Words

Lee and I recently had a discussion about which pictures of MB really capture her spirit. Some of my favorite pictures of her are ones where she's not smiling, actually. Like this one from earlier this summer--

Something about it just makes me want to squeeze her and cover her face with kisses and get her 10,000 milk cups. WHATEVER YOU WANT, BABY of MINE! IT IS YOURS.

But even I admit this is not a side of MB that we see regularly. What we see regularly goes something like this:

I got sunscream, Mama!

Ok, Mary Bullock, that's enough sunscreen now, sweetheart. 

I got it under my dwess, MAMA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yep. That's her.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Half Way

Is it just me, or did July 4th come sooner this year than it ever has before? I'm still kind of mind-boggled that we're half way through summer. I thought for sure I would have myself together before now.

But no.

The opposite, actually. Instead of getting myself together, so far this summer I have:
Created a holla hoop monster
Smashed my brand new cell phone to bits
Utterly failed at part 2 of potty training if you know what I mean

Allowed MB to watch ungodly amounts of Toweus Jowges [Curious George] and Mawfa Peaks [Martha Speaks] in the name of my own sanity
Hmm...what else.
Forgotten to get the dry cleaning...oh...every single week. Not even kidding.

I've also:
Taken whatever semblance there was of Bobo's schedule and trashed it
Said some bad words much louder than I meant to
Lost my temper
Lost my bathing suit
Lost various pool towels
Lost some of Lee's brand new work shirts.

Most of that turned back up eventually.  We're hoping the shirts are the result of a forgot to pick up the dry cleaning incident, and not a forgot to lock the car door and they were stolen from our driveway incident.

Oh well.

As MB says in potty training: That's o-tay, I guess. We'll just have to teeeeeeep twying.

I learn something new from her every day.