Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You asked

And by you, I mean, Taylor. The rest of you might not care. Except Molly. You care about everything MB and L4 related. :)
So-- the nursery. The nursery that I fretted, nagged, cried, and swore over? It's not done. I'm not sure it will ever be done. I prefer to think of it as a work in progress, sort of like me. I'm sure we'll keep ticking projects off of the to-do list right up until the time this room is ready to be turned into something else!

First, a repeat picture of my squirrel.  I posted the first picture of him with his giraffe here, just so you can see how big he is getting. So-- this is his crib. The outside of the bumper is Amy Butler Full Moon Dots in Cherry.  Here is a better picture of the bedding-- taken the day we came home from the hospital. The inside is super soft minky dots. [I want to cover my entire house in minky dots. I rub my face on MB's pillows when she's not looking.]

I chose this fabric because it coordinates with the Amy Butler Wallflower print that I used for MB's bedskirt.

Finding fabrics that coordinated for both boy and girl was a little tricky, especially since I am not skilled enough to make decisions about color and scale and design-y things like that. Amy Butler prints are coordinated enough for dummies like me. :)

The curtains are sailcloth panels from Target that got an upgrade from Grandma Moose [my mom]. She is my go-to seamstress for baby rooms, much to her dismay at this point. I'm sure every time her phone rings now, she's willing me to just buy something from Pottery Barn Kids already.  Ahhhh-- but I could never be so easy. [Which she should totally know by now, having raised me. =)]

Just a few weeks ago I finally got around to doing the "art" [if you can call it that] for the space above the changing table.

I wanted [and actually convinced Lee to get] a Sugarboo print for above the changing table. I've wanted one forever and thought it would be perfect for this space-- until the day that MB stuck her hand into a tub of Aquaphor and smeared it all over that very wall while I was changing her diaper.  And then Plan B was hatched. It's a canvas covered in burlap and painted with fabric paint, so even if it one day gets covered in poop, [and I am positive that day will come sooner rather than later] I can toss it and do something else and not shed tears over it.

We finally got around to hanging Lee IV's car mobile a few weeks ago. And by we, I mean Lee III.  I am no help on these projects.

[Another idea hijacked from Sugarboo and executed by my chief seamstress.]

And that's about it, unless you want pictures of the piles of toys and dirty clothes on the floor. Let me know if you do-- I like to keep it real around here. ;)

Ran out of time

I had really hoped to get a blog post together today, but I woke up way behind on my to-do list. Will you be pacified with some pictures?

More soon if you'll stick with me!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mazel Tov, Y'all

Why yes, I did just fly to Nashville with a newborn baby.  People look at me like I'm a little nuts when they hear this. It was a little nuts. But I only would have done it for a few people on earth.

Jill is one of them. She got married last weekend with one of the best weddings I've ever attended. We started off the weekend with a bridesmaids luncheon at The Hermitage Hotel. That's the [Hur-muh-tij] not the [Hur-muh-TAAAHJ], for all of you who are not from around those parts [Julie!]. And yes, there is champagne in that orange juice. I'm sorry to say the champagne is not the reason for my poor picture taking.  I really just need to study my For Dummies book a little more. :)

This is Ashley, one of the only other people I would have flown with a newborn for. Luckily, her wedding is a few months away. Hopefully I will be getting more sleep then and will not look like a bloated zombie in my bridesmaid's dress.

Fingers crossed. 

The rehearsal dinner was at Nashville City Club, where we performed our second-to-last-ever rehearsal dinner poem.

I wish I could say this was after the champagne, but it wasn't. My friends are just weirdos.

The wedding ceremony on Sunday was one of the most beautiful services I've witnessed. One of the bridesmaids even cried through most of it.
Oh wait. That was me. 

The reception was definitely one of the coolest parts of the weekend. It was at The Loveless Barn, where we dined on fried chicken and biscuits. I'm not sure wedding fare gets any better than that, at least not for me. :)

And the bride and groom where pretty fabulous, too.

Mazel Tov!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What do you mean it's cold?

Feels like the beach to me.

Just for comparison's sake

Here is a picture of MB when she was about 10 weeks old.

And here is her brother at 6 weeks (today!).

He's a chunker, huh??? If I could eat that double chin, I totally would.

Do you think they look alike?

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Wishing my best friend another great year! It will be hard to top 33, but let's give it a try anyway.
Just for fun.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

About those pigtails

Yes, we have pretty much decided that the pigtails are the cutest thing ever. Monnie put them in her hair on New Year's Day, and I laughed so hard I nearly cried. I don't know what was so shocking about it, other than that she looked so babyish. But she is still my baby, so it shouldn't have been shocking, but it was.

And then I decided that when/if we ever give potty training another go, I must put her hair up like this before she pees everywhere except the potty.

Because who could be frustrated at that face?
I know I couldn't.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello, My Name is Suz

And I am a recovering blog slacker.

I know you'll forgive me, right? If you're still reading. Or hoping to read, since there's been nothing to read in a shamefully long time.

The truth is, there are a thousand things that tug at my sleeve every time I sit down [which isn't often]. Laundry, babies, laundry [I swear our laundry breeeeeeeds], babies. I'm trying to remember if I've done anything else in the last month. Hm. It's all foggy.

Luckily I have some pictures so the last four weeks are not gone from memory forever.

It's still hard to believe we're a family of four [+dog] but look! We have the stockings to prove it.

MB understood more about Santa this year, but all she wanted every time we asked was GREEN BOOKS! So Santa brought her a lot of books [in all colors] and a few other things. Both sets of grandparents gave her some sort of Radio Flyer riding toy, which hopefully will give us a good activity without venturing too far from the house. Mary Bullock is a girl who needs activities. Yesterday we had no activity because we were waiting on the cable repairman, which resulted in her walking across the street to our neighbor's house, plopping herself down under a tree, and smearing dirt all over her new tights. [Caroline-- if you're reading-- I'm sorry. I hope you at least laughed at us.]

Do you know Olivia? She's good at wearing people out. But her mama loves her anyway. We can definitely relate to this lately.

Lee IV has officially joined the waking world! For a while I thought he would sleep until he was 18.

But of course, an awake baby is a little more difficult to care for than a sleeping baby, so life has been even a little more hectic this week. But we're surviving, with lots of help from our friends.

I promise that soon I will feel more like a normal person and can tell you more about my latest Birthday Things! Right now there is a squirmy two year old on my lap who is asking if she can eat her own poop.

Clearly, this needs addressing ASAP.