Thursday, December 8, 2011


My FB status this morning:
What I just found in the garage: School House Rock DVD, every paper I wrote for Mr. Cockrell at NNSH, notes from the Milton class I took at UNC, all of my notebooks from grad school, every lesson plan I ever wrote at Bishop Kenny, and all of my old Mellow Mushroom T-shirts.
What I didn't find in the garage: Christmas decorations.
My advent activity for today: making paper snowflakes. 
My household goal for today: get out Christmas decorations. 
Epiphanic idea of the century: Take old papers. Turn them into snowflakes.  
More room in the garage: Check.
Advent activity: Check.
Christmas decorations: Check.
If you pass my house and see me turning the contents of my garage into snow, back away slowly. Check for crazy eyes. Come back with help and/or wine.

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