Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hanna Andersson is a crack dealer

And that statement is not libelous because it is totally true.

Hanna Andersson Baby Sleepers = crack.
I picked up several of them in size 0-6 at Costco for $11 each. And they are heavenly. The 100% organic cotton is soft and thick. The zipper is sturdy and not annoying. The seams are indestructible. 

But eventually, Chunk is going to grow out of them. The very thought makes me a little panicky. And guess what Costco doesn't have?

Any other sizes.

And so, I now find myself in the classic crackhead's dilemma: I'm hooked. I can't possibly live without them. I can't possibly pay full price [$25] for the several of them that I would need to properly wardrobe my baby for sleeping.

I am at a loss. WWACD [What would a crackhead do]??


  1. Based on my experience with crack heads at the detox clinic this week, they would probably have sex with whoever has access to the baby sleepers in exchange for 9-12 month sleepers.

  2. Somehow, I knew you would have some first hand experience with crackheads, Laura. :)
    Sadly, that option is not on the table. I was thinking of maybe holding up the Costco and demanding that they get me the sizes I need? Would that be bad?