Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scene from the Wedekind house

[I'll preface this by saying that MB's new favorite thing to say is I know. This has replaced What's that? as the most frequently uttered phrase in our household. I guess she figures she's asked What's that? 14,000 times a day since October, so she finally knows it all.]

So, I'm cooking dinner for MB last night [pesto ravioli again, she can't get enough]. She's twirling around the kitchen playing with a purple beach pail that has still not made it to a permanent home in the toy bin.

I turn around from the stove, and the bucket is upside down on her head.

Me: MB, you know you have a bucket on your head?
MB: [bucket still on head] I know.
Me: Mmmkay, as long as you know.


  1. You really must post a purple bucket head picture!


  2. exactly what i was thinking...."no purple-pail-on-head picture?"

  3. Sadly I did not capture this on film. But I will be sure to take a picture if she does it again.